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Chapter 2 Case #1 & #2
Case 1 1. What are the implications of the low internet access rates for citizens of Hyderabad as they become active participants in the world economy over the next five to 10 years?

Hyderabad citizens rely a lot on internet-capable phone as their primary access device. In order for them to become active participants in the world economy, they have to increase the percentage of population that has regular online access on a computer. As the technology advances, more and more smart phones are becoming more affordable and the cellular service will become more affordable as well. Hyderabad citizens should have more internet access over the next five to 10 years. They will become a force in the future of
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In the first quarter of 2013, mobile app store accounts for 13.4 billion download and $2.2 billion was earned due to paid app sales, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Apple accounts for 74 percent of all the revenue, and equivalent of 1.6 billion and Android accounts for 51 percent of the download, or 6.8 billion downloads.
To develop app for apple app store, the app must be create under a Mac Operating system. It will have to be submitted to the app store to get approval in order to be distributed through the app store. A $99 a year fee applies to join the developer program. Apple will take about 30% of the profit as commission.
To develop app for android marketplace, the app can be created under Linux kernel and GNU software. Developer will receive 70% of the application price. Only 9 countries allow distributing android paid apps. It takes very little approval process in the android market.
Both delivery systems are available for PFI and both will provide 70% of the application price. Apple seams to generate more revenue with app store while android market seems to accounts for more downloads. Piracy software is an issue when dealing with both android and apple. Users are able to modify their device in order to use pirated software.

2. Prepare a report for Yash and PFI executive team in which you outline and
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