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In 1976, Apple Computer, Inc. was established and was incorporated in 1977. Apple’s first product was the Apple I which began the personal computer revolution. In 2007, Apple Computer, Inc. changed their name to Apple, Inc. They made this change because they shifted their focus from only producing computers to producing other products for industries such as entertainment and mobile telecommunications.

BCG MATRIX iPod iTunes iPod iTunes iPhone iPad

iPhone iPad



* The Mac software in the Question Mark category shows their potential to either gain market share or degenerate to the Dog category. In both cases, current statistics show high growth rates
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Then, in June-Aug 2004 something happened, and iPod sales began to grow strongly, quarter after quarter. * Today, we all know where the iPod stands, and what a remarkable success it is. The iPod made the fortune of Apple, and it stands out as the major turning point in the company growth. Apple had always relied on a programme of constant improvement in the product offer. Smaller, simpler, more features, less expensive, constantly challenging the parameters of the key success factors. * By 2006 the iPod was into a fifth generation and the family had extended kinship with the appearance of the iPod shuffle and the iPod Nano. In 2007, the iPod Touch appeared. * The product offer was to swamp the market map in terms of price segmentation and capacity. In 2010, the market share of iPods was claimed my apple CEO Steve Jobs to be at 75%.

iTunes * In April 2003, the iTunes Music Store opened. Access to music and downloads became even easier. * A unique blend of hardware, software and content availability. Analysing iTunes, Apple’s digital downloading software and Cash Cow product. * A Cash Cow product is a leader in a mature market, meaning lower growth rates coupled with a high market share. In

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