Apple Brand Equity

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The following examines the answers given in an interview of a loyal Apple products consumer as they pertain to both brand equity and positions concepts. It will go on research the Apple brand by identify targeted market segments, how it developed its brand loyalty and where it chooses to position itself in the market.

The Apple brand has taken on a life of its own over the last decade. The following explores one person’s opinions on Apple and why they are loyal to that brand over others. It will conclude by examining the various traits that helped to define Apple. Brand loyalty interview: the brand and its competition
In a recent interview with the author’s wife, she explains what brand
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While each of the popular devices mentioned prior tends to specialize in one particular aspect, the three devices do still share some common capabilities amongst each other allowing for cross compatibility. Brand research: market segments and targets
Of the various levels of market segmentation, Apple has done exceedingly well with both segment marketing and niche marketing. While the segment marketing appeals to those who have specialized needs out of their product, the niche market appeals to consumers on different level. Apple is also a relatively expensive brand as well. The mere mention of Apple and most automatically associate Apple with quality combined with revolution. When Apple introduces a product it is both intriguing as well as reliable thusly building the consumers level of brand equity in Apple. This also helps to negate their higher price point by providing quality to back it up. Brand research: brand equity over time
Apple’s branding strategy is based upon emotional appeal. The apple brand represents aspirations and dreams, control over technology, being current with the times, how to enjoy the simply things in life while still being advanced, and most importantly having a genuine appeal and relationship with their consumer base. When the iPod first came out, it

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