Apple Business Case Study

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BOH4M1 Case study in business ethics by: David Gao Apple is a successful electronics company and has been for a long period of time. However, over the past few years, there has been a lot of criticism about Apple and their action. The issue with the Apple Company is that there have been a lot of concerns about the unethical practices that Apple has committed. Some of these include use of sweatshop labor , which has been their biggest unethical practice recently, and then there are other minor unethical practices, which is less concerning. Such as customer service issues involving misleading warranties, and not having enough data security, and concerns about environmental destruction . The issue of Labor Practice that Apple had at…show more content…
They also had illegally inadequate pre-work training . All of the unethical practices that are considered as the issue of labor practice are an issue of ethics because they do not follow the laws, especially when they were hiring very young workers at the age of 14, which is illegal. Instead, they are supposed to follow the law and hire the youngest workers at the legal age, which is age 16. Not spending money on the ventilation is considered as unethical because the company is supposed to provide a safe working environment, so they should choose to spend money on ventilation, so that workers can work in a clean and safe environment, instead of just letting workers suffer through the hazardous work environment. Training workers insufficiently as well as making employees work too much and not paying them for the extra hours they worked is considered as an ethical issue because workers should be well trained to do their job before they start to work. Employees also have to be trained sufficiently before they do their job. Training workers sufficiently before they work is what managers or bosses should do because it allows workers to be good and efficient at their jobs. Not paying workers is unethical because workers should be paid for the extra hard work they put into their job. In fact, workers should not be working too many extra hours because it can exhaust them physically and mentally, which would cause damages to their body and
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