Apple Business Model And Corporate Social Responsibility

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1. Apple Business model and corporate social responsibility 1.1 Business model involves the relation of the business’ strategy, organization and the revenue streams (Lazonick, Mazzucato & Tulum, 2013, p.250). The elements included are products/service offering, customers, operations, infrastructure, costs, competitive advantage and input/transformation/output (Stokes, Wilson &Mador, 2010, p 323) Key partnerships: All the elements, device layout, collection activities that form part of Apple’ core products derive from other nations that USA alone (Mitchell, 2014, p17).These Infrastructure constitute Apple Inc. partners network for their supply chain.These include: cellular service provider, app stores…show more content…
It is characterized with an internal expertise to design software and hardware as well as an inside consultation. The value is inherent in and represented throughout the cultural teamwork of the labor force; it is a blend of brilliant conceptual control, managerial, technical and scientific skills (Apple Inc. 2015, Micthell, 2014, Cojoracu, 2014 p124). Cost structure: the low cost production and assemblage of components in Asia mix with premium product marketing strategy enables Apple Inc. to acquire control over their supply chain and decreasing the costs (Montgomerie& Roscoe, 2013, 293). Revenue streams: The system used is a lock in whereby when clients purchase one products it is easily for them to use the other line of Apple’ products. This feat has made them stuck because if they switch to other brands they may lose certain application. This system enables Apple Inc. to generate great sale of goods. They have built a brand loyalty that customer are always willing to purchase the products before it even launch. sale of products, media sale/licensing, rental and subscription fees Channels:, Apple retail stores, other retailers Customer segment: They target to mostly everyone, it is a mass market, multi sided platforms. Customer relationship: self-service,
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