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Apple -Merging Technology, Business,
Apple Computer Inc., back from near oblivion, is setting the pace in the digital world with innovation and creativity that has been missing from the company for the past
20 years. The introduction of the iPod, a brilliant merger of technology, business, and entertainment, catapulted Apple back into the mainstream.
In 2000, Steve Jobs was fixated on developing video editing software for the Macintosh. But then he realized millions of people were using computers and CD burners to make audio CDs and to download digital songs called MP3s from illegal online services like Napster. Jobs was worried that he was looking in the wrong direction and had missed the MP3 bandwagon.
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Podcasts-The iTunes Podcast Directory features thousands of free podcasts, or radio-style shows, including favorites from such big names as ABC News, Adam Curry, ESPN, KCRW, and WGBH. Audiobooks-The digital shelves of the iTunes Music Store are stocked with more than 11,000 audiobooks, including such exclusives as the entire Harry Potter series.
Photos-With storage for up to 25,000 photos, iPod users can view photo slide shows-complete with music-on an iPod or on a TV via the optional video cable.


The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary new mobile phone that allows ustomers to make a call by simply touching a name or number in an address book, a favorites list, or a call log. It also automatically syncs all contacts from a PC, Mac, or Internet services, and it allows customers to select voice-mail messages in any order-just like email.
Customers can easily construct a favorites list for frequently made calls and can quickly merge calls to create conference calls.
The iPhone's most impressive feature is a rich email client. With its advanced Safari browser, one of the most advanced web browsers to be offered on a portable device, iPhone lets customers see web pages the way they were designed to be seen, then easily zoom in by simply tapping on the multi-touch display with a finger. Safari also includes built-in Google and Yahoo! search capabilities. The iPhone can multitask, allowing customers

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