Apple Case Study

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Apple Case Study


Table of contents



A – Personal Computer industry evolution

B – Porter five forces

C – Apple positioning


A – History and key advantages

B – Four P analysis

C – Apple strategy since 1990

D – Apple key success factors and competitive advantage

SWOT analysis



Apple Computer is an innovative company evolving on the multimedia and high technology market. It is present on hardware and software markets, as well as in the on-line services market. Its highly diversified offer makes Apple Computers a company that is very hard to manage.

This The company was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs and
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So Thus the main competitors of Apple competitors are:

- IBM, which owns the Wintel license
- HP
- LENOVO Dell, HP and Lenovo pay a commission to IBM for each computer produced with Wintel application system.

Suppliers: To be able to manufacture a Personal computer, a company needs the following elements: microprocessors (CPUs), operating systems and application software. Various companies are intervening on its these three markets segments where competition is high:

- Suppliers of Microprocessor suppliers: The Market leader in the production of microprocessors production is Intel, but the market is composed of a multitude of other companies such Transmeta, Taiwan’s via and ADM (Advanced Micro Devices) are present it in. Even ifThough ADM is conquering more and moregreater market shares, Intel is still supplying 80% of the demand for CPUs demand.

- Suppliers of Operating systems suppliers: Two types of operating systems suppliers are in competition on the market: Apple operating systems, which were leader leading on the market before 1990, and Microsoft operating systems with Windows operating system (MS.DOS, Windows 3.0, Windows 95, Windowsand Windows XP…). etc). Operating systems are composed of application software. The value of the operating system value depends on the quality and quantity of applications available on

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