Apple Case -“Taking a Bite Out of the Competition” Essay

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Apple Inc. Case Study
Apple Case-- “Taking a Bite Out of the Competition”
On April 1, 1976 Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started and founded Apple Computers. Jobs was the visionary and marketing expert while Wozniak was more about the technical aspects. In 2004 Mr. Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Then in 2009 Jobs to medical leave from the company. Since 2004, the Apple Company led its competition in revenue and margins. And with the introduction of the products (iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, and iTunes) the company started to expand into the digital entertainment market. Apple Computer change the name of the company to Apple, Inc. to symbolize its new, more diversified nature.
Critical Factors for Success
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More people could afford their prices compared to Apple computers which keep them in competition. A challenge that Apple faces is finding a new leader. Someone who can keep the company moving in a positive direction, stay innovative and relevant, but also bring something new to the company. As a company the research & development was way above industry averages coming in at 9%. One opportunity for Apple may come from the gaming industry. With the technology the company uses for the iPod and iPhone applied to a gaming device would be profitable. And this would also open up more uses for the App Store as well. I also think being able to keep creating new, innovative products as a challenge for the company. Will the company be able to keep that competitive edge over the competition or will Apple finally be dethroned?
One alternative Apple can consider is lowering the cost of their personal computers. If more consumers are able to purchase a high quality product for around the same price as the competitors from Apple, then profits would increase for the company. Better R&D strategies are essential for the company’s profit. If the company find a way to conduct R&D for less but keep the same innovative advantages it would save the company a significant amount of money. And creating a succession policy to help the company move forward during leadership changes should be
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