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1. Determine Apple’s business/technology strengths & weaknesses.

Apple Strengths:
1. Steve Jobs
2. Highly differentiated products
3. Investing huge amount in R&D with continual innovation
4. Control of both hardware and software
5. Retail and marketing
6. Fashion – Branded image.
7. Extreme Secrecy
8. Apple's Halo effect
Apple Weakness:
1. Relying heavily on Jobs
2. Complete control of both hardware and software
3. Not compatible with other products
4. High cost

2. What are Apple’s products?

1. Desktops
2. Portables
3. iPod
4. iTunes & iPod accessories
5. iPhone
6. Apple TV
7. iPad

What are the Corresponding Core and Enabling technologies comprising Apple’s technology
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- Apple OS is behind its competitors which is equivalent to the competitors but not a leader.
- From the response Apple receive from it products iPod, iPhone and iPad we can say that its design and media technology has a significant leadership.


- Meddling of software & hardware, Touch technology, Operating system, Graphic, Audio & video tech are the major determinants of competitive advantage.
- Camera technology and media technology has a direct effect on competitive advantage.

4. What strategies (business & technical) did Apple pursue to ensure a competitive advantage in the MP3 Player business?

IPod, developed by Apple was a huge success and had a greater competitive advantage. The business and technological strategy used by Apple to have a competitive advantage are:

1. Design Strategy: IPod is designed very sleek, simple to use and had a large storage because of its inbuilt flash memory.
2. Ease of Use: IPod can be easily synchronized with any computer (windows as well as Mac) and also to iTunes music store with its iTunes desktop software.
3. Differentiation Strategy: ITunes is a huge threat to competitors because it had a vast collections of music and easy to access which raised the demand for iPod. ITunes songs are protected by DRM and cannot be played on any other competitive mp3 player.

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