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Abstract If one is searching for the most dependable, durable, innovative and newest technology in the world, Apple products usually come to mind. Apple is one of the top producers of portable music devices, smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, networking devices and much more. There are over a hundred retail stores nationwide and they also have stores abroad in Canada, Japan and the UK. The company was founded in 1976 and the logo was developed shortly after. It is the famous apple with a bite taken out which was meant to emphasize the idea that the Apple was a company built on fresh ideas. Apple still stands strong today and remains one of the most recognized producers of new, innovative electronics. The purpose of our …show more content…
People often wonder why would one still pay the higher price for such products. Some people are convinced and others aren’t and still consider Apple consumers to be “sheeple”. Our research suggests reasons why Apple has remained one of the top companies of all time. Apple’s customer service, quality of products, software, design, security and overall branding makes them stand out to consumers.
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When conducting our field research we decided to focus on Apple’s product prices. We wanted to figure out if the product quality and benefits such as customer service coincided with the prices offered. The framework of the survey all centered on finding questions that would best prove whether the product quality and services offered were of satisfactory. First, we decided to ask various questions like, “Do you use Apple products?” to funnel out the participants that did not apply to our research study. After funneling out the “bad apples” we then began to really indulge into the customer service and quality questions asking, “What is your perception of the quality of Apple products?” and rank the “Overall satisfaction of your engagement with Apple customer service.”
The first step in conducting our experiment was to come up with questions for the survey that we were going to hand out. We met as a group and brainstormed different

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