Apple Code Of Conduct

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Founded in 1977 Apple Inc. has provided an extended range of products and services to meet the increasing demands of consumers worldwide. Apple has multiple lines of consumer goods including. Computer software and cell phones along with consumer electronic products globally Apple values their shareholders and consistently creates new goods and ideas is a way of life for Apple. Apple has over 300 locations across ten different countries giving them a significant presence in the market. Apple has become a prime example of a prosperous business organization that is thriving globally. Apple is known for their high levels of customer satisfaction and retention and is one of the most well known global organizations (Graziano,2013).
Apple Inc.’s Code of Conduct has been held under scrutiny currently. There are 100 pages of comprehensive requirements that spotlight twenty key areas, such as labor and human rights, health and safety, environment, management systems, and ethics. Frequently, standards such as these go above and beyond what is required by local laws setting a high standard, keeping operations administration efficient. The Code of Conduct addresses specific parts of the appropriate actions realistic and anticipated rules of supplier’s associated with Apple.
The international business atmosphere is defined as the environment in diverse sovereign countries, with aspects outside the organization to the internal workings of the organization, manipulating
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