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Apple Company Introduction The Apple Company has become one of the most valuable company’s in history. Since April 1 1976 the Apple Company has released many different products and the company continues to grow. To this day new Apple products are being sold, and the plans for future models are being created. History Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs meet in high school and became good friends. Both of them were interested in electronics, and Steven Wozniak had been working in computer design. In 1976 Steven Wozniak designed the apple 1. Steven Jobs was more interested in starting up a company to sell their products.…show more content…
Although they may not seem important, these little features improve the outcome of the iPhone for a better use. A few of the main features include screen coating that protects against dirt, screen dims to automatically save power, Capacitive touch screen, and much more. “Earlier generations of the iPhone were dirt magnets, leaving the screen smudged up after normal use, but the new iPhone has a protective coating that wards off oily grime”(How the IPhone Works). The new generations of iPhones have added the feature that dims your screen when you are not using your phone for a while that saves power. In addition, you can also adjust the brightness depending on whether you are in the sunlight of darkness. Apple has revealed some clues about how the tough screen works on its iPhone site. “A panel under the screen glass senses your touch using an electrical field… then feeds the phone operating system and determines which pixels have changed and which activities have been triggered”(How the IPhone Works). All of these amazing additions to the iPhone have improved the product so much over the generations of the iPhone. (How the IPhone Works) Future Along with every other company Apple Inc has ideas for the near future. Plans for the iPhone 7 are in the process of being made. For every iPhone released by Apple there is a faster processor, better camera and always something

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