Apple - Company Mission Statement

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Apple was formed in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. After some disastrous losses in the 1980’s and 1990’s to their main competitor, IBM, Apple was able to re-invent the entire company. When Jobs returned to Apple in 1996, he took an expanded role and not only continually pushed for innovative ideas and products but also compelled several structural changes. Jobs also got rid of profitless divisions and departments. Apple has been able to gain market share quicker than the competition mainly due to the “halo effect” from the iPod. The halo effect is the idea that continued sales of iPods to Windows users will eventually translate into increased Mac sales. Other factors that have contributed to Apple’s…show more content…
Cook also plays a key role in reseller and supplier relationships. Prior to his career with Apple, Cook has also worked for Compaq and IBM. Peter Oppenheimer is Apple’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Oppenheimer overseas the controller, treasury, investor relations, tax, information systems, internal audit and facilities functions. He joined Apple in 1996, coming from ADP, where he was CFO of the four strategic business units. Prior to his career with ADP, Oppenheimer spent six years in the Information Technology Consulting Practice with Coopers and Lybrand where he managed financial and systems engagements for clients in the insurance, telecommunications, transportation and banking industries.

SWOT ANALYSIS Apple’s strengths include their knowledge of the customer base, high quality products, brand name, innovation, product diversification, and the products’ ease of use. The iPod has given the company access to a whole new series of segments that may purchase other Apple brands. Brand has proven to be very important for Apple. They have a loyal group of consumers that advocate the brand and also help to procure new customers.
One of Apple’s noted weaknesses is that its operating system for its Macintosh line of computers, while better than DOS and Windows in many
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