“Apple Computer, Inc.: Think Different, Think Online Music”

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1. 4 C’s Stakeholder Analysis • Customers Based on the background of “the era of the Digital lifestyle”, iTunes 3 target customers are; Stakeholder Stake in the project Potential impact on Project Growth percentage of online distribution Perceived attitudes and/or risks 12 – 24 years Downloaded an average of 12 tunes per month, housing libraries between 25 to more than 300,000 songs from the internet High 59% • Unlimited library of songs and videos by genre, artist and album • Software design is attractive and easy to use • Sound in industry standard Dolby Advanced Audio, allowing CD quality sound • Better data compression allowing users to store more files more quickly • There was no subscription fee but songs were not free • The teens…show more content…
• A provision of 30 seconds preview Functionality • Exclusive to Mac users only • Price Financing Narrow profit margin due to royalties Per song Royalties - $ 0.70 Admin Costs - $ 0.12 Profits - $ 0.17 Total - $ 0.99 List price A single price for each tune, regardless of the genre, artist, album or hit. Allowances Availability of bonus tracks • Place Location • Internet based website functioning as the interface for the online store Channel of motivation • One click shopping service Market Coverage • Available internationally, serving various customers at one given time • Promotion Media • Abundance of positive press • Apples stylish brand tones was continuous with many of the artists images Advertising • Attractive television advertising blitz with organic tones • Ilife bundled software suite • As the Strategic Director of iTunes, to create a barrier against the competition, I would: a. Launch a windows version without any more delays b. Add an additional feature i.e. customer loyalty schemes tying customers to buy at iTunes only c. Customer management software tracking and monitoring consumers purchases & needs d. was exclusive to Windows PC users that were the larger
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