Apple Computers Case Study Project

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Background Information Apple computers was established on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne and incorporated on January 3, 1997. The first Apple Computer was put together by Steve Wozniak and sold for $500.00. The computer, called Apple I, went on sale in July of 1976 and consisted of a circuit board, keyboards and screens. While Wozniak built the computers himself, both he and Jobs and sold them to a computer store, the Byte Shop, in Mountain View California. Most people recall Apple Computers as being founded by “the two Steves”, Jobs and Wozniak. However, Wayne was present in the garage at the founding of Apple. Wayne, then 41, worked with Jobs at Atari during the day. It was there, Jobs (21) and Wayne became…show more content…
Apple’s plan was to control its product in every way, (i.e. marketing, design, production, distribution) in an attempt to have the best product on the market. It seems Apple was extremely successful in implementing its plan. In the industry, Apple has become excellent at marketing its brand and its products. Apple purchased NeXT late in 1996 bringing Jobs back to the company he helped co-found. Under Jobs, Apple sales increased significantly on the back of “appealing designs” and powerful branding. Brand appeal is the attraction you have to a brand and it makes your customers feel like they are purchasing “hours and hours” of perfection. Jobs’ was admired for the brand appeal he brought to Apple products. After Jobs’ return, he got personally involved in Apple products. He had to know how many screws were in a laptop case because he felt the level of perfection in its products would have a direct result with Apple’s success. Apple’s hardware was proprietary, meaning if you wanted to run Apple software you had to own an Apple computer. When asked about the value of Apple by AllThings Digital, Jobs responded by saying he found it all pretty incredible but “for him the most important thing was always that customers got great products.” Jobs was concerned with the functionality of the products over the quarterly results Apple delivered. Another example of the planning and time that goes into the marketing of Apple products are how
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