Apple Corporation

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External/Internal Factors

Apple is a company that has the most innovative technology and is one of the most respected global companies today that has diversity as a priority. In an Era when most technology outfits have tightened their belts to adapt to a slower- growing market, only one company stands out for forging ahead with innovation and that is Apple. In Business environments of today the four functions of management must work in harmony for business to have a better chance of succeeding. A vital part in allowing the four functions of management to work is through delegation. Globalization and technology is at the forefront of Apple’s organization. We will look at how Apple uses the four functions of management to work with
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Apple executives agree that high ethical standards are important in their organization. Ethics programs are put in place to affect how an employee would handle an ethical issue that would come about on the job. Employees are given training that will allow them to have a guideline on how to acknowledge and execute any ethical dilemmas that may arise.

Globalization is a diverse environment of customers. Apple has to deal with cultural differences in the global market. Of the four functions of management, the planning and organizing processes will be impacted the most. Apple has to consider the requirements and differences in customer satisfaction. For example, language is a factor when dealing with global customers and the need to have instructions in various languages is important for the customers. A major factor that affects organization like Apple is compliance with laws and regulations. Abiding by the federal, state, and agency laws has companies addressing or readdressing company ethical values. The environment is an external factor that affect companies like Apple. The technology Apple uses to make its product is vital as Apple has been praised for efforts being green. For example, Apple has eliminated toxic substances like lead, mercury, and arsenic which are harmful to the environment.

Technology has become a more liable source of communication and entertainment. It may appear difficult to think that technology affects Apple
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