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Apple's reputation and success almost proceed its products but then when analyzed the products definitely meet the standards that the company has advertised to the consumer. It would be nearly impossible to narrow down exactly what attributes to all of Apple's success, there is simply too many. However two reasons do tend to stand out and that would be Apple's ability to master the dimensions of consumer demand and market demand. Founders of Apple: Steve Jobbs and Steve Wozniak took their ideas and products all the way to the top, though there is a lot more too it then what meets the eye the actual concept does appear to be simple. All Apple really did was maintain selling the same products worldwide and maintained consistent products…show more content…
Not everyone can afford Apple's many top-of-the-line products and as a company Apple recognized this and made different models of each specific item to fit almost every kind of budget. The company has done very well in projecting the popularity of their products in various markets and has yielded great success which has built a very solid foundation for future supply and demand of their products. Apple has done a good job at navigating what is called the “Macroeconomic Risk” which was addressed in the previous paragraph but there is yet one more major risk that are, at the least, very difficult to predict and control. This is what is known as the “Operational Risk” and every company is at risk of the variables that it brings. Unfortunately, some of the countries that Apple manufactures its products in could be having issues internally or externally with other countries and as a result a war could manifest and that could be damaging to many aspects of the company, especially to production. Another issue could be unhappiness of the employees; if they feel as a group that they aren't being treated fairly they could start a strike. This can put Apple in a bad position because it can slow or stop production of products and cause the company to not be able to fulfill prearranged obligations to their consumers. The third variable can be unpredictable and cannot

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