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The following paper is a Financial Analysis of Apple, Inc. The paper is an unorthodox Financial Analysis of Apple, but will cover all the key aspects of a Financial Analysis - albeit in a different way. The first section of the Financial Analysis will have preconceived notions of Apple (what an individual thinks of Apple, without the facts in his hand - in this case the Financial Analyst of this paper), the Financial Analysis - which includes stock performance, various financial ratios, dividend payout, graph of Nike 's stock performance, graphs of its competitors, graph of its market segment, interest coverage ratios, dividend yield ratios, etc., and a conclusion which contains opinions of the Financial Analyst on Apple 's future…show more content…
Beginning 2005, Microsoft shifted from its annual dividends to quarterly dividends. And in September of 2006, Microsoft announced that it would increase its quarterly dividends by $.01 and pay $.10 quarterly dividends to its shareholders. The Quarterly Dividend Record date for Microsoft shareholders is November 16, 2006.

Apple, Inc. Key Statistics
As of January 18, 2007, Apple 's Current Market Rate is about $76.54 billion (from Yahoo Finance). Apple, Inc. beta is 2.41 on Yahoo, while Reuters shows Apple, Inc. beta as 1.47, I am not sure which of the either is accurate or obsolete. Apple, Inc. has 859.27 million shares outstanding, of which insiders hold institutions hold 4.76% and 77.50%. At 4:01 PM EST, Apple 's stock traded at $89.07, down 6.19%.
For 52 weeks Ending 2001-09-29, Apple had $5,363 million in revenues, gross profit of $1,235 million, and a NEGATIVE operating income of $344 million. It incurred a loss of $52 million before tax, and Income After Tax was NEGATIVE $37 million. Apple improved its position in the next year, having revenues of $5,742 million, gross profit of $1,603 million, and a positive income of $17 million. Apple 's income after tax for the fiscal year was $65 million. For Fiscal Year ending 2003-09-27, Apple increased its Total revenue and expenses. Apple 's total revenues stood at $6,207 million, negative total expenses of $6,208 million. Apple 's income after tax stood at $68 million, and a net income of

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