Apple - Hambrick and Fredickson 5 Element Strategy

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This report was done within Strategic Management course it consists on choosing a well known company that the public in general is familiar with and using the Hambrick/Fredrickson five element model describes how the strategy of a company can be seen. For this analysis I chose Apple Inc. because I think that it meets the requirements. Concluding the report, there is a summary where the soundness and successfulness of the company are evaluated.
The Company: Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a North American multinational company that starts operating in the field of electronics and computers becoming famous by making trademark computers, Macintosh, which operates with its own operation system, MAC OS, among other products. Founded by
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Some of them are well known names, like US-based Intel, which supplies the NOR flash chips which hold the iPhone's updatable system software; and Korea's Samsung, which makes the video processor IC. Two famous names from consumer electronics, Japan's Sharp and Sanyo Epson, are among the suppliers of the phone's bright 3.5-inch display.
Differentiators: How will we win?

Apple uses a very own made image that can be apart from the other companies that share the same market. That images helps the target people to differentiate the products, for example, there are many kinds of media player, but the apples’ media player are known as one of the best, with a sound resolution that exceed the competition, making that product wanted by a large slice of the market. That same differentiation can also be seen in every Apple’s products. Apple is one of the best examples when talking about differentiation of products.
By making their products differentiated from the competition, Apple can establish their own price. Apple believes that people will pay some more money if they know that what they are buying is better and more reliable. That is also the reason why Apple sells the same products all over the world, making no selection or differentiation depending on where the market takes place. The high costs of Apple’s products are the one of the reasons why Apple Inc. preferred to be

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