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Originality Score 5% Name: Donna Caesar-Roberts Professor: Jon Gettman Subject: MGMT 670 Date: 04/06/2014 Case 14: Apple Computers in 2012 Background Apple computer Inc. is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronic, personal computer, computer software, commercial servers and digital media. Apple‘s core product lines were iPhone, smart phones, iPads, tablet computers iPods, portable media players and Macintosh computers. The founder, Steve Jobs, and Steve Woziak started Apple Computers in 1976 and incorporated…show more content…
Because of this strategy, Apple became a success, as a result, they were able to increase the market share in all category of products from 1998-2013. Apple has also been able to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage against rivals by expansion in the personal computer industry. The company was able to improve profit advancement in innovation and technology, with added features, easy accessibility and programming to adopt strategic moves to acquire early entrants of product before competitors were able to expand. For example, Apple believes in marketing products that consumers want such as products that are easy to use, smaller and flexible. Steve believes that for success to be effective they should concentrate on what consumers need and demonstrate o how their lives can be improved with the increase in technology. Apple was able to maintain competition by brand recognition, in that if one of the products was successful, consumers were able to identify with the brand and are willing to purchase products from Apple. This came after the successful launch of the IPod and consumers were able to willingly purchase Apple computers after the purchase of the IPod. Apple was able to use vertical integration strategy which enabled the company to maintain formidable competitive activities which can be attributed to the capability to design and develop its own operating system. In addition, vertical integration dictates that one
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