Apple Inc: Analysis of Financial Statement Essay examples

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An Analysis of the Financial Statements of Apple

Intermediate Accounting III

I chose Apple for my course project mainly based on the fact that they release all their records to the public and they have excellent accounting practices. Their paper work is easy to read and follow and based on their records they have an endless amount of revenue in the billions. As we have discussed about Apple in class I was very intrigued how they looked in the books on a specific level of detail and this course project was the perfect way to take initiative to find out just how their numbers actually add up answering the following questions.

1. What amount of deferred tax assets or deferred tax liabilities are on the two most
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What is the amount of income tax provision in the two most recent years on the income statement? What information is disclosed in the footnotes relating to income tax expense? Does the company have a net operating loss carry forward or carryback? What are the guidelines for carry forwards and carrybacks?

Income Tax Provision:
Income tax provision on income statement for September 24, 2011 is 8,283 million and for September 24, 2010 is 4,527 million.
Disclosure relating to provision for income tax
Income tax
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