Apple, Inc. Business Analysis Essay

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Apple, incorporated. Created by innovative CEO Steve jobs (who recently passed away) and with the support of Steve Wozniak, is now a multinational corporation that’s focuses on consumer electronics, computer software, and commercial servers. With its broad line of revenue including: the apple computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac apple strived for success with the idea to reach all consumers as its target market. The company started from Steve Jobs parent’s garage to its first building in Cupertino, California in 1977. The first computer (Apple I) was created in 1976 and sold to a local computer store called “The Byte Shop” offered at 500 dollars per assembled computer. This became the first computer to display text at 60 characters per…show more content…
After being denied by various banks, that’s when Jobs stumbles upon Mike Markkula who invests and co-signs a 250,000 dollar bank loan. With both cash and a new case design in hand thanks to designer Jerry Manock, the Apple II was released in 1977 and became the computer generally credited with creating the “home computer” market. Millions were sold well into the 1980s. Many different models of the Apple II series were built, including the Apple IIe and Apple IIGS, which could still be found in many schools as late as 2005. The Apple II generated annual revenue of 1 million dollars per year. By 1978 the company became one of the fastest growing corporations in the United States, with a marketing, design, and innovative strategy composed of over 100 dealers around the country. The name “Apple” was chosen as an alphabetical strategy to appear before its competitor “Atari” in computer Ads or phone books.
At the end of 1978, Apple, Inc.’s revenue reached 400 percent. This phenomenal occurrence allowed for quick improvements of the Apple II to the Apple II plus in 1979. It surpassed the memory of the original Apple and fashioned an easier startup system selling over 35,000 computers. In the early 1980’s the Apple III was designed to compete with IBM’s PC line. It was a catastrophic fail giving apple a bad name and eventually taking it out of the market competition. Apple needed to redirect their business plan into more affordable and
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