Apple Inc By Steven Paul Jobs

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Apple Inc was founded by Steven Paul Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne on April 1, 1976 and is headquartered in Cupertino, California. It was developed to produce personal computers. It is a company known to design, manufacture, and market mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, portable digital music players, and sells computer software, peripherals, networking solutions and online services. For instance, its products include Mac line of computers, iPod tablet computers, iPad, iPod, iPod, Apple TV. The online services they offer include iCloud, iTunes Store, and App Store. The computer software include OS X and iOS operating systems, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and productivity…show more content…
Six main financial ratios help the management discover the financial position of the company. They include liquidity, profitability, solvency, efficiency, market prospects, and investment leverage ratios. Liquidity ratios measure the ability of a company to pay off its debt. It enables investors to see how the company uses its current assets to pay off its current liabilities. Solvency ratios on the other hand, measure the ability of the company to Pay off its long-term liabilities and the company’s financial structure. Creditors are more concerned with the ability of a company to pay its obligations. This is to give assurance to the investors that the money they invest with the company will be paid and the company can handle its liability. Profitability ratios measure the ability of a company to generate profits from its assets and how the profits help in growth of the company. In other words, it enables investor’s judge on the company’s return on investment based on the level of assets. Market prospects ratios enable investors to compare the earnings and dividends of different size companies and of different industries. These ratios compare publicly traded companies’ stock prices with other financial measures like earnings and dividends. Efficiency ratios measures how well a company uses its assets to generate income by looking at the time inventory is converted to cash or time
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