Apple Inc. Case Analysis - 1

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I. Overview: Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 by Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs. They introduced the first initial version or what was to become the first highly successful mass-produced personal computer, the Apple I. Apple operates in various lines of the computer and music industry today and its operations include not only the designing but also the manufacturing of its computers and software. Apple continues to pursue the personal computer market but not as intently as in the years before. It has opted to change directions a little by venturing into the music world through the marketing of iPod, a digital music player, and iTunes. The opening of 65 new retail outlets, including one in Japan, has precipitated its move into this new…show more content…
The market for the design, manufacture, and sale of personal computers and related software and peripheral products is highly competitive. This market continues to be characterized by rapid technological advances in both hardware and software development, which have substantially increased the capabilities and applications of these products, and have resulted in the frequent introduction of new products and significant price, feature, and performance competition. Apple is subject to certain legal proceedings. Apple Corps has sued Apple Computer claiming that it has broken a 1991 agreement in which each agreed not to enter into the other’s field of business. Apple Corps, started by the Beatles in 1968, argues that Apple Computer has infringed its territory by entering the music business and is seeking to force Apple Computer to drop its apple logo from the iTunes Music Store and pay damages. In addition, Apple faces several other lawsuits related to patent infringement, false advertising and unfair business practices. These legal issues could have a material impact on its financial condition in addition to the brand image.

IV. Strategic Implications: Concerning the overall strategic implications of Apple’s corporate structure, it can be stated that Apple’s organizational structure is consistent with its objectives/strategy and its operating structure is consistent with its international
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