Apple Inc. Case Analysis

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1. Apple files first. Apple Inc. sued Samsung Electronics Co. in April 2011, for making a deliberate decision to copy Apple’s iPhone and iPad
2. Apple’s design, utility patents. Apple claimed that Samsung infringed four industrial design patents, which covered the look and feel of the devices, and three utility patents, which covers the working of the gadget. It listed more than 20 Samsung devices that infringed on Apple’s patents.
3. Samsung’s turn. Samsung counter sued Apple in June 2011, for infringing on its patents having to do with wireless communications technology and camera phones. Samsung claimed the Apple could not have sold a single iPhone without the benefits of Samsung’s patented technology.
4. Strange bedfellows. Apart from being competitors, they share a very important business relationship, Samsung is one of Apple’s biggest suppliers for phone components.
5. Damages and FRAND. Apple seek $2.525 billion in damages. Samsung seeks $400 million in royalty fees. As per Apple, Samsung asked for 2.4% of every iPhone or iPad sold to cover infringement of its patents. Whereas Samsung hasn’t asked any other users of the baseband chip to pay any such amount. Which infringes the FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) patent licensing terms.
6. Claims. Apple worked to prove that Samsung’s products are “strikingly similar” to the iPhone and iPad and that Samsung’s designs are not the result of natural evolution in the design process but rather
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