Apple Inc. Company Profile

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1. Legal Name of the Company Per the 10-k filling of Apple, there legal name is Apple Inc. However their name used to be Apple Computer Inc. Apple switched their name in 2007 because Apple Inc. started to make more than just computer by adding phones, iPads, iPods and more to their company for selling. () 2. Why Apple Interest Me? Apple is an interesting topic to talk about, between how many different successful products they have to all the new inventions they make. Apple Inc. Company interest me which is why I choose to write on this topic. Apple is a very successful and popular company and it is no wonder why so many people are buying their products. Not only do they have so many different products but they also have good quality. When customers are looking to buy a new product they look to see what is popular in the market. Apple sells so many different products, when customers look to by new products assume that Apple is a good product since they heard good things about it and it is always advertised. Apple products are in demand and it makes them attract a wide customer base. The company has over 400 retail store and is still growing in almost 15 different countries. Apple even has an online store which is very affective for some of its customer base. Apple used superior design techniques, correctly priced items, and the hype to sell it products. () There superior hard drive and simple to use Apple products help everyone with their daily needs. It always shocks me
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