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MBUS 610 Econ Environment of the Firm 12 Apple Inc. Economic Firm Analysis Trey III Apple Incorporated, formerly known as Apple Computers Incorporated, and more commonly known just as Apple, has lead the way in technology and innovation for consumer electronics with their slender storage capacities, vibrant displays, and incredible touch screen products. When they first started, their focus was more on personal computers for customers, but as the company has aged, so has their focus expanded towards this idea of consumer electronics as a whole. Seeing as they now offer popular devices including, but not limited to, computers (Mac Book), home theater (Apple TV), phones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), and media (iPod), it can clearly be…show more content…
Diversity in products and their prices helps Apple remain an inelastic company, regarding their demand. If a price rises for one of their products, there is sure to be another product that moves into that previous product’s price range that is still comparable in design and quality. There will always be people to buy the more expensive items not only because of Apple’s positive brand recognition and loyalty, but because Apple consistently produces quality and innovative products; including, if Apple finds a defect or fault, they fix the problem for free or replace the product altogether. With Apple being so far ahead of their competition, the only problem one can foresee in Apple’s future is how long they can sustain such innovation before they plateau. Apple does a phenomenal job at releasing their innovative products before their competition, but if their innovation cannot hold steady, this may lead to changes in demand for their products considerably. This can be seen with their release of the iPhone, the first successful touch screen cellular phone. Although people swarmed to the iPhone when it was first released because of its advanced technology, as the years have passed, other similar designs, including those with android and windows based operating systems, have drawn a considerable portion of the market. A clear representation of Apple’s attempt to regain some of this market can be seen when the iPhone was released to Verizon Wireless’ customers in

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