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Apple: An Introduction
Apple Incorporation is one of the largest organizations dealing into Information Technology. Apple has a host of products ranging from Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones and Multimedia Devices. The company has been extremely innovative in the field of multimedia and it owes it success to one of the greatest innovators, Steve Jobs. The company has always believed in innovation and that is the major reason why it has been so successful in the mobile phone segment. In recent years Apple is second only to Samsung in the Global Mobile Phone industry. However the operations have been largely based in the United States and in times of recession any organization needs to focus on economies of scale and thus focus on growth
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It has been evidenced that Mac Users would never prefer to shift to any other brand and so is true for I Phone users. The intangible aspects like after sales support and warranties are also best in class for the products and thus the user experience has been always very high.
The product can be further categorised into three areas which are:
Core: In this category the benefits or the service of the product is analysed. The products that Apple offers are high on service quality. Apple invests heavily into Research and Development and thus the services are of high quality. For any product or service there is a product life cycle in which there is a decline phase. The following figure illustrates the product life cycle for any product (Baker, 2007) With Apple the Growth has been substantial and it can be stated that the Products have reached a maturity stage and hence there is a chance of decline. This has also been evidenced to certain extent as Samsung has taken over as the market leader in the mobile phone segment. The emergence of cheaper brands like Lenovo etc has also been a challenge for IT products of Apple. However it is also true that Apple has always focussed on consumer trends and demands and thus has been capable of avoiding the decline stages. Further market development and diversification strategies have been suitably implemented

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