Apple Inc Management Information System Project

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Apple Inc In the present age, Apple is the world's second-largest information technology company. Therefore, in order to apple MIS knowledge and skill into the reality, Apple is supposed to be an appropriate firm to analyze MIS issues. These issues will be represented in following order: 1. Understanding business and information system requirements. 2. Analyzing financial performance. 3. Achieve operational excellence: analyzing competitive strategy. 4. Improving decision making: developing a Website privacy policy. 5. Improving decision marking: Designing the customer database 6. Improving operational excellence: Identifying supply chain management solutions 7. Achieving operational excellence: Developing an…show more content…
Standing behind Board of Director, like other companies, Apple has CFO, COO, Legal, Operations, Retails, Product Marketing and Global Communication. Besides, Apple is also structured by specialized departments such as Design, Hardware, iOS Software, Software Engineering. Apple is considered as an organizational hierarchy. To illustrate how Apple works through operating apparatus, from input to output, let’s take a look at the chart below. In this chart, Apple invents or products its products through primary activities as following order: Research and Develop; Production; Marketing and Sales and finally Customer service. These activities are supported by company infrastructure, Materials management, Human resources and especially Information Systems. * The most important information systems and technologies for Apple: Apple’s main objective has always been to be the innovation leader. The same philosophy extends even to the manner in which they manage their internal communication which showcases their superiority. In accordance with this concept they have most of the processes which are virtualization is the factor which will provide the company with a competitive advantage in the market place. Apple Inc uses the intranet to provide the required platform for undertaking this process and this intranet in company enables the employees to access all required information from the comfort of desktop. From an external linkage point of view,
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