Apple Inc. Mohammed Shahid Abdul Bashir

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Apple Inc. Mohammed Shahid Abdul Bashir NUID: 001971051 INTRODUCTION When we talk about Innovation in a technological firm, the name Apple comes to our mind instantly. The success which Apple as a company is seeing today is not something which it always had. Apple has seen a lot of bumps in its road to success. Back in 1997 when Apple was almost in the verge of bankruptcy, it was the skillful leadership of Steve Jobs that kept Apple in its feet. When the CEO of Dell- Michael Dell was asked about Apple in 1997, he said that he would rather shut down the company and give the money back to the investors. But fifteen years down the line, Business week ranked Apple as the top performer owing to its sales of iPod and IPhone. Apple…show more content…
In 1977 it was incorporated as Apple Computers. In 1985, Steve Jobs was fired from the company due to some issues with the other top administrative board members of the company. In 1997 he came back to Apple at its worst state and made it one of world’s most successful technological firms. He introduced the IPod line of products in 1997 and in the latter half of the 2000 he introduced the IPhone, both of these products made Apple the leader in the market. APPLE’s COMPETITORS (SUPPLY CHAIN DOMINANCE) The range of products that apple manufactures makes it vulnerable to competition because there are many other companies making the same product at a cheaper price. Although Apple products cost the highest in the market, the demand for Apple products has only gone up. Apple has kept it this way with its various innovative designs and improvements in features. Apple products are very easy to understand, use and learn. Apple does this by investing its revenue in technology and research. Therefore they get hold of these technologies much before its rivals even start thinking about this. This is because of the amount of money Apple invests in its research. By getting hold of these new technologies, Apple manufactures and releases its products with the latest cutting edge technology thereby attracting more consumers towards its products. For example, the Aluminum that Apple uses for its Mac
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