Apple Inc. Review Essay

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Apple Inc. Review
MGT/521 Management

Week Five Individual Assignment

Apple Inc. has been noted as one of the most positive growing companies in the technology field today. The question is, How do we know this and how do we measure this? The answer is through three major financial business statements; The Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. All of these statements may seem to be redundant in what they portray but all of them are necessary in bringing to light the actual financial standing of any company. These statements are how a financial analyst can put together an honest analysis of the how the company is doing financially.
The Income Statement for any company
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The only concern to keep in mind when looking at a continuing positive trend for any company is the potential for a hard fall. When it comes to investors, it’s always a good thing when a company is continually doing well. However, history shows us that every company will have a fall or down turn at one or even several points in their existence. Any person who knows anything about the market when it comes to the business of computers knows that Microsoft, or Windows, and dominated the market and has nearly crushed the competition several times. However, in recent years, Apple Inc. has developed several products to gain new ground in the competition with Windows. These statements are showing that the new product lines as well as the smart business practices have allowed the company to not only grow, but thrive. The stock market is even showing a positive 1.80% rise in the stock prices making this a valuable commodity.
For the management team within the company, these statements, even if they were proving to be negative provides valuable information for how they need to proceed. For instance, if the statements were showing a negative or down turn in any one of these financial statements, the management team would know precisely where they needed to focus their attention to fix the problem. In the specific case of Apple Inc., with their continued growth and success in the market, the

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