Apple Inc: SWOT Analysis

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Apple Inc. SWOT
SWOT Analysis
Powerful Brand Name
Efficient Supply Chain
Customer Loyalty
Supply Chain Environmental Problems
Supply Chain Human Rights Issues
Loss of Steve Jobs
New Revolutionary Product
Increase market share
Maintain Customer Loyalty
Intense Competition
Negative Publicity
Economic Downturn
Apple Inc. has been dedicated to innovation ever since the company was first formed. Apple's recent breakthroughs were a result of a new technologies convergence upon the "digital hub" strategy (Mortensen, 2010). This strategy has served Apple well; especially during the last few years. The iPad, iPod, and iPhone were all born from this strategy. Furthermore, producing these innovative, user friendly, and design oriented products has earned them a considerable amount of customer loyalty. Apple's entire supply chain has been rated as the top supply chain in the world by Gartner's (Wailgum, 2011). Apple was one of the top companies rated in the resilience category by overcoming such hurdles as the Japanese earthquake without any major disruptions. Other categories that the supply chains were critiqued under included speed, agility, efficiency, responsiveness, and innovation. Apple's entire production operation is outsourced to the Asian Pacific and the company manufactures their goods through strategic partners who are some of the best electronics manufactures in the world.

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