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Apple, Inc. SWOT analysis Carzadean Lawton MGT680-Strategic Management Dr. Leland Taylor June 30, 2013 Abstract Apple Computers Inc. has made its mark in the industry by creating innovative products which continues to redefine the design of computers. In the past there have been companies who have failed to succeed at trying to replicate Apple’s design. In this report, we will identify examples of the good and the bad of business practices. This report will analyze the case of Apple Inc. and provide a SWOT analysis which will identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. After the SWOT analysis is reviewed, a strategy would be proposed to take advantage of Apple’s vulnerabilities and help increase the company’s…show more content…
2. Successful product lines driving the growth: Apple’s strengths is being a design innovator that is ahead of the trends, creating ergonomic electronics that fit people 's lives (Clark, 2013). Apple has a string of successful product launches which has helped the company drive its market share. The iPod, iPhone and now the iPad has driven the growth of the company. Their competitors are yet to launch products with such compelling success as the products that they have launched. 3. Synergistic portfolio: Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and markets personal computers and related software services, peripherals, and networking solutions. This is a highly synergistic portfolio which reduces Apple’s dependency on any single product line and hence their diverse business risks (Apple Company Inc., 2006). 4. Robust growth rates: Apple is able to cash in on sales for their new and existing products. The revenue growth rates are a result from both increased unit sales and pricing power. Apple attained industry leading growth rates because of the combination of these factors. Apple’s revenues grew 44.6% in FY2012 and they also witnessed a robust growth in its profits and margins (Apple Inc., 2013). 5. Strong research and development: Apple Inc. continues to develop and sell new products such as the iPad and iPhone despite only spending less on R&D over the last 10 years than Microsoft (David, 2013). Weaknesses 1.

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