Apple Inc. Strategic Management

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Case 10: Apple Computer and Steve P. Jobs (2006)
Issue/Problem Identification
1. Apple is known to provide customers with a personal computer revolution that is easy-to-use machine. It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple was a success at the beginning period of its production due to marketing and technological innovation and the company has invented. Apple grew quickly as the development of the products increases and the revenue continued to grow. Apple’s business strategy is to focus its products on differentiation by providing a unique product that is impossible to clone and charges its products at a premium price. In 1983, Apple faced a difficulty because PC entered the market and was marketing their products at
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For Apple to sell its products at a premium price, it must be a trusted and well-known brand. As it is obvious today, Apple has created many loyalty customers.
Recommendations and Implementation
1. In order for Apple to create more revenues and continue to stay in business, Apple’s management team should not only depend on Steve Jobs. The management team must work as a team and make sure that the company can still be successful without Steve Jobs. It is true that because of Steve Jobs, Apple has become a successful company but Steve Jobs is not going to be with Apple forever and the management team must take that into consideration and be able to carry on the business without Steve Jobs.
2. Some alternatives include developing new products every so often to attract consumers. Apple is already good at doing this because it is always renovating its products in many different ways whether it is a Mac Book, an iPod, or an iPad to attract its customers and keeping up with the society. This alternative is good for both long-term and short-term. People will continue to trust that the brand is still attracting.
3. Some of the implementation that should be considered is to hire the right people to work for the company; people that will bring new ideas to the company. Because Apple is always developing new products, the company should also continue to ensure that the quality of the
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