Apple Inc. 's Corporate Culture Essay

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This report is based on the case study 'Apple Inc. 's Corporate
Culture: The Good the Bad and the Ugly '. The report tried to investigate and find out what is good and what is detrimental to the organisational culture in terms of Human Resource strategy and practice in Apple Inc. The conceptual investigation was totally focused on Human Resource Management perspective issues of Apple, though the case study has included wide areas of analysis including
Apple 's operations, marketing, accounts etc. This theoretical research provides a reasoned and academically underpinned critical analysis as well as provides coherent and justified recommendations for changes to
HR strategy and practice in Apple Inc.

Based on the above mentioned case study, this essay reviewed the impact of people (employee) in apple 's magical success as well as it has reviewed the Apple Inc 's management and leadership styles. In the progress of the essay, Apple 's human resources policy is also critically evaluated and detrimental HRM issues are identified.
Appropriate models and frameworks also has been identified which could be used for better managing of human resources. Good HRM practices also given credit which they can effectively keep implementing for sustainable future success.

Critical appraisal of the contribution people has made to Apple Inc

People, in organisational term employees have great impact towards organisation 's success or failure. Michigan model (Cited in Price
2007, pp 40)
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