Apple Inc. 's Crisis Management Essay

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Introduction Apple Inc., the world 's largest IT company. It has the great reputation for its products by people in hot pursuit. Apple Inc. also has a legendary history of development. However, Apple Inc.’s history of development was not that smooth because it suffered a lot of crises. Apple Inc. continues to show its unique approach and tenacious vitality in those crises, besides, it has spent a lot of time on the crisis management and done a lot of excellent work. Ultimately, Apple Inc. overcomes those difficult obstacles and stands proudly in this world. To identify and understand Apple Inc.’s crisis communication could be an experience that has the reference significance of any other company’s crisis management. Case Synopsis iPhone, a highly-honored name of smartphone nowadays. It helps Apple Inc. climbing on the throne of largest IT company in the world. Steve Jobs couldn’t have imagined how iPhone is sold like a red-hot equipment for almost everybody in the world. The year of 2007 was a huge milestone for the global smartphone market: iPhone was born. iPhone is the first time that Apple Inc. involved in the smartphone industry after its unprecedented successes in the computer industry and the digital player industry. However, even though people were expected for iPhone, there were some doubts on this product because of its evolutionary design. After three years of iPhone’s updates, the “changing world” iPhone4 was proudly introduced by Steve Jobs. iPhone4’s clean

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