Apple Inventions have Changed the Progress of Technology

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Apple’s invention have absolutely changed the progress of technology and have left important benefits in industry’s history. Before the invention of Apple, devices were extremely hard to understand and to work with it. With the development of Apple products; the industry in computers have rapidly improve locating Apple as one of the best worldwide computer and cellphone seller. With the time, Apple have had many changes in the company itself, such as; the invention of new products, the finances of the advices and, last but not least the competition between other the products. Some people believe that as the time pass by, the products begin to improve and growth faster than before. As all of the industries around the world, when they come up with a new invention; they first create a limited amount of the product to taste it in the market. If people seem to go along with the product, then the company will create more mass production. The same thing happened in 1976 with the creation of Apple Inc. it began when Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik created the first computer that could adapt better that the regular ones. Murray explains in his academic journal, “The original Apple contained an assembly board with about 60 chips, a read-only memory (ROM), a power transformer and a keyboard packed in a case that could be connected to a small television for a monitor. Other machines at the time used either LED lights or teletype machines for readout, which made the Apple 1 the first
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