Apple Ipad Marketing Plan

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 5
Marketing Strategy 6
Background 6
Company 6
Products 7
Situational Analysis 7
Market Share 8
Goals 8
Strategy 9
SWOT Analysis 9
Strengths 10
Weaknesses 11
Opportunities 11
Threats 12
Customers 12
Competitors 14
Positioning 14
Competitor Market Share 15
Collaborators 15
Role of Partnerships 15
Complimentary Businesses 16
Climate 16
Political/Legal 16
Economic 16
Technological 17
Social/Cultural 17
Issues Analysis 17
Personal Computer Market 17
New Products 17
International Operations 18
Digital rights management system (DRM) 18 eBusiness Models 18
Market Research and Market Intelligence 20
Marketing Strategy 25
Tactical e-Marketing and Communications Planning
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Apple Computer redefined the portable digital music player market with its launch of the iPod digital music player. This began in January of 2001, when it introduced its jukebox software called iTunes. This software enabled Macintosh users to import songs from audio CD's converting them to MP3 format and storing them on the computer's hard drive. It later launched the iPod digital music player in October of 2001. The iPod was designed to synch to songs and playlists from iTunes via a Firewire cable connection. Once music was downloaded, the iPod provided for 10 hours of continuous play from its rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Media is stored on iPod's internal hard disk (Day, 2005).
The iPod has evolved with subsequent product generations so that it could be used by both Windows and Macintosh users with iTunes software being made available for each operating system. The iPod features the company's patent pending, Click Wheel, which combines a touch sensitive wheel with five push buttons for one handed navigation. Apple touts this feature as one of the industry's first (Day, 2005).
In October 2005, Apple introduced the new iPod containing a 2.5 inch color screen that enables it to display album artwork and photos, and play video including music videos, video podcasts, home movies, short films and television shows. The iPod lineup now includes a 30GB model holding up to

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