Apple Ipad versus Microsoft Window 8 Tablet

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Phones, for example, are now mobile computers and are able to send emails from anywhere. Also, newer phones are capable of turn by turn navigation system to guide you to where you need to be. Computer companies such as Apple and Windows tablet have revolutionized the way we see and use technology, and have been able to understand and execute it to conform to our daily lives. In this paper, I will outline different promotional strategies through advertisement, public relations, sales promotion, and direct marketing that Apple Inc uses with I-pad and compare it with Microsoft Window 8 tablet use.
In today’s ever-changing market there are several ways that companies advertise; either through billboards, magazines, newspapers, media advertisement and television commercials. Apple and Microsoft use similar ways to advertise. Recently, Microsoft used Windows 8 tablet in a commercial advertisement point out its advantages over the new Apple mini I-pad. This commercial could be seen in various channels that do stream live videos, such as YouTube,, news or even at; this widely commercial aired across the nation, compares I-pad’s disadvantages lacking of microSD and USB ports, limited printing, lacking of Microsoft office capabilities for home and studying, seeing two applications at once, and lastly comparing the price. In the end of…
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