Apple : Long Term Strategy

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Long-term Strategy In order for Apple to sustain an edge over its competitors and continue to perform exceptionally well, the company has to aggressively work on developing products that meet or exceed technology development in the market. As established from the new vision and mission and the current environmental analysis, Apple should remain the leader in developing high end products. It should also have more presence in foreign markets, especially highly populated countries with considerable potential, such as India. Strategy Implementation It is imperative that Apple strategically implements and evaluates the following proposed objectives on a regular basis: 1) Maintain a competitive edge by leveraging the ability to develop advanced technological products with unique features and design. 2) Increase overall product sales, including those of the iPhone, by 12% annually. 3) Increase presence in various international markets with a precise emphasis on intensifying sales and marketing efforts in China and India, as both countries have high potential. 4) Develop other technological products that can be strategically priced to compete with windows based computers. Strategy Evaluation and Control In order to ensure that the company is performing well, Apple management should regularly evaluate their figures against what was forecasted in order to determine if the company is operating smoothly. Also, previous performance figures can be used, to determine if the

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