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The impact of Apple products in the electronic business market and what makes them more superior from their competitors? The role of marketing management to target the consumers, critically analyse?
To begin with, the investigation will be made in this research to know about the product which produced from Apple in e- business market and how well they create an environment to make their products more superior from their competing rivalries. The reason behind selecting this company is because the way they produced or manufactured their products goes beyond the expectation of their consumers and most of their consumer gets satisfied with the advance features of the product. The important role of marketing management
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Though they have been well maintained their relationship with their consumer, apple has seen some issues with their products in consumer circle after the release of those product in which the consumer find some problems such as antenna performance in apple i-phone 4.
Performance quality:
“Most of the products are established at one of four performance levels: low, average, high, or superior. Performance quality is the level at which the products primary characteristics operate. Quality is becoming an increasingly important dimension for differentiation as companies adopt a value model and provide higher quality for less money” (p.kotler, et al, 2009). Apple has established their products in high and superior levels and their quality performance has been operated in the high level of products. The quality of apple products has been differentiated with their every single model production; their manufacturer has made the design to match up to the needs of consumers and to competing the performance level. This strategy of apple has seen in i-phone models, macbook and I-pads. Their competitors try to follow the design which apple has but they can’t produce those features which apple has in their products. That’s made them more superior with their products and creates some competitive

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