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The competition in today’s industrial world is very intense and every company is spending a lot of money on designing and marketing their products and services. In such a highly competitive world it is very essential to design and market your products keeping in mind the target customers and markets. A product which is designed for the developed countries might not work in the third world countries and vice versa. So the companies, prior to designing their products and services must be aware of their target customers and markets. Once the designing and the production phases are over then comes the very important and the deciding phase which is the marketing phase. It is very essential for a company to have a marketing
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With iPhone-S Apple is giving the best quality product at affordable prices with limited features. This serves the purpose of the consumers in the segment as they get world class products at affordable prices which were not possible earlier. The main factor that influences the customers in this segment is price. So the best way to serve the needs of the consumers in the segment is to offers quality goods at affordable prices.

Target Marketing

It is very important to launch a new product in a market that favors the organization or the company. Apple for its earlier products used to choose markets where it had a loyal customer base and where consumers could afford their products (Cruikshank, 2006). With iPhone-S Apple is targeting those markets that do not have a loyal customer base. This a move to increase the penetration Apple has in third world countries. But initially iPhone-S will be launched in those markets where iPhone has gained popularity but not all the segments of the market can afford it. Apple iPhone-S will be launched in the US, UK and Japan where it has a loyal customer base along with Australia and India. Then gradually iPhone-S will be launched in other markets also. India is a market where Apple has gained a lot of popularity due to its other products like iPod but consumers can not afford the iPhone due to the pricing. It

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