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Kevin Joyce Brian Lopez Apple Corporation Marketing Strategy Apple is a leading innovator in numerous technological markets, which includes the computer market, tablet market, smartphone market and the MP3 market. Being a leader in these industries comes with many challenges due to the number of competitors in each of the markets. Their main competitors are HP and Dell when it comes to the computer industry. Samsung, Google, HP and Dell are also primary competition in the tablet market. Apple was far and away the leader in the smartphone industry, however Google’s Android and Samsung’s Galaxy are becoming increasingly popular and they have become Apples principal competition. Apple brought MP3 players to a whole new spectrum when…show more content…
It is a voice commanded app that will take pretty much whatever you say and give you an appropriate answer. Apple has made a virtual secretary for iPhone users. For instance, you could say, “Siri, play me the latest episode of South Park.” And Siri will find you newest episode of South Park on your iPhone and play it. You could ask, “Could you find me an Italian restaurant nearest to me?” And Siri will do the rest. Siri is a completely new competitive advantage that gives Apple a leg up to the other smart phone competitors such as Android, Samsung and LG. Apple is also about to expand their boundaries into television. One individual said, “Steve (Jobs) think the (television) industry is broken.” It is estimated that an extra 19 billion dollars in revenue with the addition of Television. This new technology will bring on new competitors in the television industry. The idea for the Apple TV is to have a box that connects to any users TV and streams iTunes content. Apple will revolutionize the way we watch TV. With the invention of Siri it will be possible for Apple to create a remote less TV. We would be apple to tell our television what channel we want to watch, what show we want recorded and when we want our movie to be paused. The Apple TV would also work great with ICloud as you would be able to stream a movie you bought on your computer or IPhone and transfer that movie wirelessly to your television. Or you could purchase movies straight from Apple TV using

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