Apple Marketing Strategy

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Apple Marketing Strategy

A. Marketing Strategy

1. Company Presentation

The Company was created on April 1st, 1976 by two friends, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak along with one of the former colleagues of Jobs at Atari, Roald Wayne who was supposed to act as an arbiter between the two former students but who left the company after only 2 weeks because of his financial situation and the risks involved in the project. The first computer ever created by the company, Apple 1, was built in Jobs family garage in Los Altos, California and was nothing more than a computer circuit on a wooden board. The company’s focus was computer manufacturing until the early 2000s when Jobs turned it into a ‘consumer electronics’ company. The company
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Apple even had to postpone the launch. As the iPhone most recent model, the 4S is now considered as a star product, not a cash cow yet, mainly because of the shortages and the investment it still requires to produce massively.
The 4G is currently the company’s cash cow in China, as it acts as a substitute for the 4S, is a little cheaper with almost no visible differences in terms of design with the 4S. For those reasons, the shortages of 4S are doping the sales of the
Figure [ 4 ]
Figure 4
The success of those two products lead of course to the downfall of the 3GS model, which was not very popular in China for many reasons, including the lack of usability for Chinese people (issues with the texting) and the bad network service regarding the internet access.

4. Growth

The company’s growth is exclusively internal, or “organic”. Their growth strategy is very steady and consistent. The enormous growth Apple has shown in recent years is largely on the backs of two products: the iPhone and the iPad.

As we can see in Figure 4, the iPhone, as a product category, has grown from a mere $630 million in sales in 2007, to more than $47 billion in fiscal 2011. The iPad, for its part, tallied more than $20 billion of Apple's revenue last year. Between the two of them, Apple's main iOS devices account for more
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