Apple - Needs, Wants, Demands, Utility & Value

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Needs are the recognition of any difference between a consumer’s actual state and some ideal or desired state. The actual state of the customer is someone without an iPhone, the desired state is someone with an iPhone. Apple, the creators of the iPhone, came to the conclusion that the need for mobility, flexibility and reliability are key to satisfying everyone involved in the marketing process. The customer has to be able to use the iPhone everywhere and always have a connection, it needs to be possible to use it the way you want it to use, and you have to be able to rely on your iPhone to work at all times. There are a couple of types of needs, but the need for an iPhone is a social one. The need to be in touch and to receive belonging …show more content…
Apple made sure that where ever you live, an iPhone is always around the corner. Consumers don’t have to travel to buy one. If they think that around the corner is still too far, they can always order one online.
Ensuring a product is available when the customer wants it adheres to time utility. This is one where Apple has had trouble with. Apple was forced to push back the release date of the iPhone 5, resulting in a lot of negative comments from the consumers who pre-ordered it. The reason behind it was that the demand for the iPhone 5 was bigger than their stock. You need to make sure that you can provide your good when the consumer wants it and counts on it.
Possession utility is the value consumers put on purchasing a product. You can by an iPhone with or without a contract. You will pay the same amount of money every month if you have an iPhone with a contract. You can choose between 1 or 2 years, after these years you can’t use your phone anymore. You have to trade it in for another (i)phone, a newer one. If you buy it without a contract, the buying price of the iPhone is extremely high, but the months afterwards will be lower and you will always be able to use your iPhone. The consumer has choices with both pro’s and con’s. It depends on how much they want to keep their old iPhone or just trade it in after a year or two.

Value is the benefits a consumer gets from buying the product. As I said before, the Apple iPhone covers almost all
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