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Kerri Warenda John Duran Travis MacKenzie Erendira Franzen Apple INC. Table of Contents Company background Recent Annual Report Analysis for Financial position Vision Mission Statement Corporate Culture Industrial Organizational Model of Above-Average Returns Resource- Based Model of Above-Average Returns Five Forces of Competition Model Competitor Analysis Core Competencies Competitive Advantages SWOT Analysis Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategic Leadership Corporate Governance Analysis of company overall performance Suggestions for future course of action Expected results of suggestions Bibliography/ List of Sources Company Background Recent Annual Report Analysis for financial…show more content…
Apple and for that Apple has become digital asset management company. On September 9th 2009 Apple announced that they have the credit card account information of more then 100 million consumers through iTunes. Making them one of the biggest digital retailers, in the world. Once a consumer trusts a brand enough to set up an account and give credit card information on the assumption of future purchases , the consumer will consider that retail outlet first in making purchases. This means that as they continually add to the devices that consumers own, those consumers will continue to shop in Apple’s store. Apple’s Retail Strategy: Location plays a significant role in this. The fact that they are in malls helps because consumers are already in shopping mode. The fact that consumers can go in and get support or repairs for their products and then get some other shopping. SWOT Analysis Strengths Customer loyalty combined with expanding closed ecosystem Apple is a leading innovator in mobile device technology Strong financial performance ($10,000,000,000 cash, gross profit margin 43.9% and no debt) Brand reputation Retail stores Strong marketing and advertising teams Weaknesses High price Incompatibility with different OS Decreasing market share Patent infringements Further changes in management Defects of new products

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