Apple Powerbook Case Write-Up

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Apple PowerBook Case Write-up After the failed release of Apple’s first miniaturized computer, the Portable, the company was faced with the likelihood of losing significant ground in the mobile computing market if it didn’t bring a product to market at record speed. Apple had anticipated the Portable would be competitive enough to maintain market share until its longer term “Companion” project was complete. However, thirty-six months remained until Companion would be ready. Weak sales coupled with Compaq introducing the far superior LTE notebook created intense pressure to bring a product to market in the next 18 months that could serve as a placeholder until the Companion arrived. Bringing a product to market this quickly was no easy…show more content…
Product verification testing also proved to be treacherous. The deadline was so tight that after the manufacturing process was well underway and thousands of displays were already in inventory the risk was still present that changes may be needed. This would produce a significant waste of resources. Lastly, the PowerBook team was confronted with bringing its new creative, ergonomic design to life, while dealing with size constraints as well as a mechanical engineering team who was on the critical path and working under a “we’ll do it if we have time” approach. Despite the long list of reasons why the project should have failed, it didn’t. In the midst of all the missteps, Apple made several key decisions which propelled the project to success. One area where Apple thrived was in staffing. Although the engineers lacked experienced, the management involved in the project were innovative, creative, passionate, and practical. They worked tirelessly to make the project a reality and cared very deeply about its success. It was their innovation and tireless effort that slowly caused the project to transform. The team came to the realization that “a notebook was not a piece of business equipment that someone operated; it was a personal object with which they formed a relationship.” It was this realization that drove the project’s success. The project became not only about size but about ergonomics and about finding a

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