Apple Project - Paper

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Executive summary The main purpose of this project is to perform a strategic and financial analysis. During the project we will also be able to exercise the financial and IT knowledge we acquired during the 4th semester. The financial analysis reveals that Apple has been undergoing an impressing growth in the net sales for the past few years. Furthermore the financial analysis showed that a big part of the net sales is generated by complementary products which can be connected to the sales of Macs, iPhones and iPods. The strategic analysis revealed that there is reason to expect continued redevelopment of products. An analysis of Apples core capabilities,competitors and the development in consumer behavior and disposable income…show more content…
Problem formulation * What are the facts behind Apple’s success? * What strategies is Apple following? * Which Macro-environmental factors can have an influence on Apple? * How can the PEST analysis be applied, including the financial crises? * Which Micro-environmental factors might have an influence on EM’s production? * Who are Apple’s customers? * What target group is Apple most interested in? * Who are the potential competitors of Apple? * Who are considered as rivals to Apple? * What is Apple’s financial status based on the past three years? * How does the future look for Apple? Delimitations * The financial status analysis will be based on last 2 years. * The focus will only be on the American market. Choice of models What | Why | Which | How | What are the facts behind Apple’s success? | To form an overview of the company. | Facts and the history of the company | Researches and assessments | What strategies is apple following | To find out what gives the company the competitive edge | Ansoff Matrix | Researches and assessments | Which Macro-environmental factors can have an influence on Apple? | To find out the conditions thecompany must operate on. | PEST analysis | Making different analysis to look through the environment from political, economic, social and
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