`` Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From The App Store Because Of The Confederate Flag

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The Right to be Offended The term politically correct first appeared in the 1960’s and from then it has evolved far beyond its originally purposes. In his article “Apple Removes All American Civil War Games From the App Store Because of the Confederate Flag”, Tasos Lazarides informs people about Apple’s decision to remove the imagery of the Confederate Battle Flag the author does not take a strong position in the argument. He uses the article more for informational purposes, as opposed to using the article for an argument. Recently there has been uproar over the use of the Confederate Battle Flag. People find it offensive and therefore, it is being taken down everywhere. The flag is historical and does carry connotations; however, that is…show more content…
In the past few years, during the holiday season, “happy holidays” can be heard instead of the traditional “merry Christmas.” This is because some people find the term merry Christmas offensive. As a result, the use of the term is frowned upon, unless it is within a religious setting. This is an example of political correctness encroaching on people’s first amendment rights. Even though it is still legal to say merry Christmas there is an aura of judgement that goes along with it. Over time it seems like the ban upon any speech that anyone finds offensive will be implemented. Not so fast, according to the USA today there is a resistance to outlandish political correctness. People seem to be bothered by the disingenuous salutation “happy holidays”: Ninety-five percent insist they are not offended by being greeted with a "Merry Christmas" while shopping, but greet them with a "Happy Holidays," and 46% claim to take offense.” (‘Merry Christmas’ Is Favored Greeting). In the past it has not been completely appropriate for people to use “merry Christmas”; however, now it appears that people find it better for a few to be slightly offended than for traditions to be broken. People’s resistance to political correctness protects their first amendment rights and continues American traditions. Political
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