Apple Social Problems Of Apple

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Apple Social Problems
Apple is among the most valuable global brands in the world. The company is famous for its unique products and innovative technologies in the computers and mobile phone technologies. Apple 's success is a result of effective management and cost cutting strategies employed by the leaders of the companies. The importance of Apple in the global business platform makes it a perfect case example for this paper.
Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak started the company in 1976. The primary objective was to manufacture personal computers. However, as time went by, Apple diversified to include other products such mobile phones and tablet computers. The need for the products was triggered by innovations and demand. Steve
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Apple does not force Foxconn to supply protective gear or a safe environment for workers. In contrast to the expectation of stakeholders, Apple has voiced little concerns about the treatment of workers in China. Sarno (par.5) writes that half of the Foxconn workers have experienced an accident at the workplace. Apple has spoken against the conditions at Foxconn but has not done anything to mitigate the problems.
Summary of the Journal Article
The journal article, "The Politics of Global Production: Apple, Foxconn and China 's New Working Class," explains that many global businesses have outsourced production activities to lower the cost of production. The low costs of production imply higher revenues for companies. Apple has outsourced all production activities to Asia. One of the main suppliers is Foxconn. Though the companies enjoy a good contractual relationship, there are many social issues involved. There are many cases of employee mistreatment, unpaid overtime, and risky work environment.
Foxconn takes advantage of the large labor force in China to minimize workers benefits. Chen, Pun and Selden (102) analyze the situation and argue that Apple does not do much to influence the operations of the supplier to avoid severing the cheap contract deals with Foxconn. As a result, Apple avoids entangling itself with the China issue. If workers were to be offered better working conditions and wages, then it would imply higher costs to Apple.
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